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You Must be Read! How Life Insurance Marketing Works

  Insurance can be said to be future protection, and being an insurance marketer is a promising career, although it is not easy to be successful as an insurance marketer, but with strong determination, hard work and good and correct working techniques, success is in sight.

How Insurance Marketing Works

The way Insurance Marketing works is to combine finding customers (sales) with the formation of a work team (network), so running this profession is not an easy thing, it takes perseverance and patience in doing it. And this is the work step of an insurance marketing:

1. Achieve the specified target

The profession of insurance marketing requires seriousness and perseverance in work, must be able to achieve the set targets. The greater the turnover obtained, the higher the career path, and of course the greater the target that must be achieved.

2. Form a work team (network)

To be successful in reaching a higher career level, a work team (network) is needed. So, an insurance marketer must recruit agents to assist in the sales process. The more agents that are successfully recruited, the more work that must be completed.

3. Motivate and guide the team (network)

Provide guidance and motivation to the work team (agents) to be able to work in accordance with the rules of the game that apply in the company, so as to achieve targets.

4. Serving customers well

Customer service must be handled with care and patience. Providing a sense of comfort and security is the most important service in insurance, so an insurance marketer must be able to maintain a sense of security and comfort for clients, for at least 10 years of monthly premium repayments. The more clients, the greater the responsibility that must be carried out.

5. Convince potential customers / consumers

One of the tasks of insurance marketing is to convince potential customers/consumers to use the insurance services it offers. Tenacity and patience are needed here, explore customer needs, both long term and short term. Insurance marketing must be able to convince customers that an insurance policy is a necessity that needs to be owned.

6. Position yourself as a partner

Insurance marketing (Agent) must be able to position themselves as good partners in making offers, not to be impressed by selling too much and dictating customers, so they can listen and ask further questions about the products offered.

7. Optimistic and positive thinking

When you work optimistically and think positively, then 50% will be successful, because a high sense of optimism and positive thoughts will lead to success. Convinced by the offers given to customers that it is a good thing for them. And always think positively towards customers, explain well and simply so that prospective customers / customers can understand completely.

So, that's how insurance marketing works, which I can share, I hope it's useful.

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